Summer Days


While on a hike today, I was today-years-old when I found out that poison ivy does not grow in the West Coast but poison oak does. I also learned that I shouldn’t tell LilDude his box set order of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid arrived at the post office today and should be on its way to the house very soon before the hike because it was all he wanted to talk about during the hike.

Still, it was a beautiful day spent outdoors today and we plan on returning another time this week because while we’ve always hiked at the Nature Center, we’ve never checked out the rest of the park which has three other lakes, two of them you can apparently fish in (not that we fish or anything) and has pedal boats! I also need to get the LilDude to learn how to ride a bike so I’m hoping I can teach him at the park versus at home where there’s only sidewalks and streets although we do have a short driveway. But that’s the thing: it’s short.

On the writing front, I’m 20,000 words into my Sarah and Benny story. I don’t know how many total words it’s going to be, something that in the past year I thought I needed to know if I wanted to efficient with my time and craft as a writer. Only it’s not the way I work and so I’ll take 20k words any day and keep going. Besides, Sarah and Benny are a great couple. They’re hot, too. Like, really hot.






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Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

3 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. 20 000 words! A great start. Keep up the reveal (as in the reveal of their story). Oh and a tip—avoid poison ivy and poison oak!! I know I know—what a helpful guy!!

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    1. Thanks, Michael! My MacBook died the other day, swollen battery and all (teaches me to keep the thing plugged 24/7 but it’s also a 2011 MacBook so it’s quite old) so that story is on hold but only for a day. Gonna tackle it today although I know why I’m procrastinating – it’s their first steamy scene 😂

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