Under My Skin


I’m slowly re-learning how I roll when it comes to writing the stories I love even if it means falling in love with my heroes and heroines. I need to have them crawling under my skin until I have no choice but dream about them and think about them until I can’t take it anymore and give in.

It means a slower process, but if it brings me back to the way I used to write, with wild abandon and finding myself eager to get out of bed so I can write out their stories, then I’m all for it.

TLDR; These two refuse to leave me alone. (Also why I’ve had to set aside the firefighter story I was working on…)

2 Comments on “Under My Skin

  1. You have to be you!! The processes that others use may not work for you! So do your thing and the magic will work!

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    • Although I have learned a few things along the way, some fo them I’ll keep and the rest I discard, I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get my full mojo back! Mostly it’s the falling in love with my characters part that I really missed, where I’d wake up needing to get out of bed so I can write down their story. And luckily, it just might be coming back again! Hope you and your Queen have a wonderful weekend! Hope it’s not too hot in your neck of the woods!

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