Winter Has Come… and Gone


And just like that, Game of Thrones is over, and it was… underwhelming.

One of the greatest series in the world simply dropped the ball and rushed through the ending. Honestly, if D&D were in a rush to direct the Star Wars project and couldn’t give us one more season of GOT, they could have at least given this final season three more episodes to get the character arcs fully realized and at the very least, get the characters acting like themselves, much like they did in the last seven seasons. In character. But they didn’t. Instead, we got some nice speeches to lead us to the finish line, a lot of fan service, and a montage of the major players still in the game that is no more.

The soundtrack, though, was superb as always and the editing was gorgeous. But the story itself… well, they didn’t stick the landing.

But that’s just me. Maybe George R. R. Martin will finish the books but I’m not holding my breath. At this point, why would he bother?

Speaking of writing, I need to go back to writing…

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5 thoughts on “Winter Has Come… and Gone

  1. I can’t even. I wished I had not seen the first seven seasons now. I am kind of hoping that last dragon is out there looking for the writers of these last two episodes so he can burn them to a crisp. Just wow.

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  2. Well I am/am not looking forward to binge watching the final season! So I’m glad you didn’t really have any spoilers in this post. Still from what you’ve said, it is obvious how important writers are… so get back to it missy!!!! lol 😂

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    1. LOL I was thinking of you as I wrote it so I made sure not to have spoilers and man, they are everywhere. Time Magazine, NYtimes, NPR. You can’t miss them! Can you believe it? I’m still stuck on the same story from March?!

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      1. I’m doing my best to miss them. And they will stop soon. But thanks for your courtesy!! As to your story from March, it will come, but you could always work on your reverse harem story (not to sound too needy… lol). Stay well my friend!!


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