May You Be In Love Every Day For the Next 2,000 Days…


Facebook reminded me that three years ago, I posted this quote on my timeline. I’ve always loved this one and it’s a nice reminder for me to focus on the Creative Muse and not get bogged down by outlines, especially when I like to give my characters some free rein within their stories.

I also need to get out more, and that’s what I did this weekend which meant not much writing.


Yesterday, the kid and I went to the Uptown Village Market. I was visiting my friends at Floral Essence Gifts who had a booth for Friday and Saturday. And since their flyer said there was going to be a Lego Station, what better way to entertain the LilDude, right?


Alas, the Lego Station was only for Friday night but he had fun coloring with the wonderful folks at and sculpting with soft-as-air air-drying clay from

Today, we all went to our local Farmers’ Market (and spent way more than we budgeted). We met some amazing people including the folks (again) at who were doing live screenprinting of canvas bags to give away, Heather from iHeartEikhornBakery (eikhorn is an ancient grain I’ve been really interested to check out), Michelle from Purely Natural where we got our very first CBD Pain Relief Oil (their gemstone looking soaps got me into their booth), and David, the VeganWonka who also happens to be a massage therapist.

David creates raw chocolate and with me being a chocolate fiend, he was speaking my language and so I have a stash of them hidden in my purse because I sure as heck am not sharing it 🤣🤣🤣

It felt great to be out and about even though I’m so behind on all my books. Now I’m back home and the kid is hanging out with his dad for the rest of the day while I try to catch some words on paper. Here’s hoping I’ll be, as Ray Bradbury says, “be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And… remake a world.”

If you have time to visit my new friends’ sites, please do so. Follow and check them out as well!

Floral Essence Gifts – locally-grown, harvested and distilled floral waters (hydrosol) for skin care and home

Vegan Wonka – Vegan chocolate bars that are diabetic friendly, doesn’t melt, and can be used as a meal replacement.

Creative Flow Art – This wonderful couple gives back to the Long Beach Community through art where children are invited to paint and color

Purely Natural – offering soaps made with vegan oils and CBD products

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