I am recovering from a cold and therefore, cannot think clearly. And heaven knows I’ve tried. But nada. Nothing comes out. Or if something does come out, after a paragraph, it’s gone and I find myself wondering what I was going to write next… or whose story I was writing, for that matter.

So I’m hoping maybe tomorrow is a better day. Maybe I’ll have a clearer less stuffy head tomorrow and write because I’ve got a deadline. Two of them, to be exact.

I’m also tired and I want to take a nap.

Do you know how difficult it is to take a nap when you have a cold knowing you have to be awake in two hours to pick up the kid and then head to the school for their STEAM fair where he plans on launching his water rocket that he hopes you help him build just before the main event?

Yeah, so no nap.

But we did get to hastily build his water rocket with last year’s calendar and he had a blast with it. Even when an older kid brought his amazing duct tape rocket along and it shot all the way past the fence (twice), LilDude never once doubted his rocket was the best.

I know how to make my rocket next year…

6 thoughts on “Am(Not)Writing

  1. Glad the little man was pleased with his rocket. Glad you were able to help him build it. Sad you are not well.
    By the way I finished your Christmas story. I really liked it. Nice character development in such a short story. They were real and also nice people. Sometimes itโ€™s just a good thing to read about nice people doing well. It makes me feel good too!


    1. Sorry this is late! I could have sworn I replied to this but I can’t find it.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the Christmas story, Michael. I need to expand that one actually because there was just so much more to the story after I got going with it. I hope you and your family had a good weekend and if you celebrate, a wonderful Easter!

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