Read Across America


Today was Read Across America Day and so I, along with three other parents, read a story in my son’s classroom. It was my first time to do so and I had so much fun I didn’t even have time to document it with my phone, not even for social media.

I almost did, though. I had my phone in my hand in the beginning but I realized that you really can’t enjoy the moment and document it at the same time without losing something. And so I placed my phone back into my purse and set the purse in one corner.

That way, I was present 100 percent.

The first story I read was my son’s favorite, Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. Five children gathered around me including LIlDude and they listened as I read the book from cover to cover. I even told them something about copyright and how Hop on Pop first came out in 1963 and that made their eyes go wide.

1963 is basically a generation and a half for them.

A_Fish_Out_Of_Water_(book)_cover_artThe second book I read was A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer, based on a short story by her husband, Theodore Geisel’s (Dr. Suess) called Gustave the Goldfish.

Then the kids took turns reading. One read Cat in the Hat, another read I Can Read with my Eyes Shut, and another, A Wocket in my Pocket. We actually ran out of time but it was so much fun. It was wonderful to see the kids read aloud and with a lot of enthusiasm.

Growing up, no one read to us because it just wasn’t in our culture. Instead, we were told stories, not by our parents, but by the help and usually, they were scary stories right before bed.

It wasn’t all bad since it meant I had to learn to read the stories myself and so that’s what I did. I became a voracious reader and fell in love with fairy tales.

I’m glad many kids (at least in my son’s case) have access to books. It was great to see eight- and nine-year-old kids still into Dr. Seuss. Heck, I still love Dr. Seuss’ stories and I’m glad they didn’t ask me to read Cat in the Hat out loud because I would have performed it for them!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! I’m writing up a storm this weekend and next week, after a big name author said it’s impossible to write a 50,000-word novel in seven days, I’m going to attempt to do just that. That’s 7,100 words per day, give or take.

Let’s do this.

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