Sunday Musings: Not Enough Time

Today, I spent most of the day with the LilDude. I made him breakfast, did the laundry and then we went to church. Afterward, we went to Barnes & Noble so he could use the gift card he got for his birthday. I’m teaching him how to save his money and budget and so I tell him he has to decide which thing to buy. This or that. If he only has $20 and the Atlas was $13.00, then how much is left for him to spend on something else?

I‘m also teaching him that we need to shop at other places and not just Amazon but that’s a story for another day…

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Legos that cost $7 in the store so I told myself it’s one more gift for his birthday since he only got one sorry build-your-own radio kit and a twenty-minute cupcake party at school. That’s what happens when your birthday happens so soon after Christmas, I guess, but the poor kid deserved a new Lego set.

But then I also bought a Jot 8.5 ewriter or a Boogie Board. My son and I wrote notes to each other at first, him on one board and me on another, and in the end, I ended up buying it. It will come in handy when I need to jot down notes about my stories and in the process, save paper. Lots of paper. Come to think of it, looks like I need to be on a budget myself…

I should have worked on my book after we got home but it just wasn’t meant to be because I had the last 25% or so of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects to finish. I know Netflix has the mini-series but I always default to the book if a show is based on a book and I’m glad no one spoiled the ending for me. I got this book so long ago and found it while I was tidying up last week. I also have the audiobook but just haven’t had the time either.

But the moment I started listening to the first few minutes of the audiobook, I was hooked. I ended up reading the paperback in the end because I can’t remember details when I listen to an audiobook. I can’t take notes. When I read words on print, I fall in love with the printed word, the story, the characters, the author. I read the lines again, almost memorizing them just for that moment. And man, is Gillian Flynn just amazing! She had me hook line and sinker!

Have you read Sharp Objects?

Isn’t that cover cool? The razor reflects, too.

So now that it’s 9:45 pm as I write this, I realize I keep running out of time to do everything I want to do in a day, especially writing. So tonight, before I head to bed, I’m going to try writing at least 1,000 words of sex for my upcoming novella. Yup, you read it right. Sex. Considering that only 1200 words out of 14k words are about sexy times so far, for a book I’m marketing as steamy, I better have more than 1200 words of it. So I better get cracking!

Oh, and if you want to check out my upcoming novella Every Breath, you can read the first chapter here.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Not Enough Time

    1. LOL You’re so right about writing tomorrow! I’m close to my goal now. One more day!

      And yup, the book is always better although Mystic River was amazing – both the book and the movie.


    1. That’s next on my list! I had that one first in my Kindle but wasn’t in the mood to read it because of all the hype around the movie. But I think enough time has gone by so I can dive into it again and I’ll pretend not to know the ending.

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