Musings Over Coffee: Characters & Relationships We Need to Write About More

Saw this on Facebook but can’t find the source (but if you find it, please let me know) and so far, I’ve written at least eight of these characters although some of their stories have yet to be published.

Right now, I’m writing about a long-term couple who haven’t tied the knot yet. Like, twelve years? They’re not-so-minor characters in Everything She Ever Wanted but a pair that I wanted to write the prequel with which would have started the series properly. Only, I struggled to tell their story from twelve years earlier without giving so much away of what was the back story of Dax’s family and what would make him what he is. And so the early look at the series had to be set aside for a contemporary one instead, one that would lead to something, hopefully, more permanent.

Still, twelve years together and no ring? Is that ring really important?

Guess I’ll find out when I dive back into their world and let you know.

On another note, today is the day that The Replacement Fiancé goes wide to other retailers. Yesterday was its last day in Kindle Unlimited and today, the books went up for review on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play. It’s amazing that I actually got organized enough to do all that but I did.

For those of you who wanted to read it but couldn’t while it was exclusive to Kindle Unlimited, here it is and I hope you enjoy Mariah and Logan’s cute journey!

This is such a cute book tackling the best friends to lovers AND fake fiance tropes and I’m quite proud of it. I even created the cover for both the ebook and the paperback. It’s a sweet story that features family as well and I guess I have a thing about featuring families in most of my stories, especially dinner scenes.

And yes, The Replacement Fiancé has one, too.

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One thought on “Musings Over Coffee: Characters & Relationships We Need to Write About More

  1. I like that list. If I were a writer I would use it. I think it might help to make my characters real. Because God knows, we all have our flaws and idiosyncrasies!


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