Loving Ashe Audio Sample

Today is the fourth day of having the flu and I woke up thinking it was time to go to work. I can’t really write yet since my head is still stuffy, but I can make videos. So here’s one, a sample of my first audiobook, Loving Ashe, narrated by the amazing Tracy Marks!

Depending on where you are, you can also listen to your first Audible audiobook for free! Just click on the appropriate region to get started!

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“This was a great book. The emotional pull in the book was draining yet captivating. The character depth was fabulous. I felt for each of them, I loved them, I hated them, and then loved them again. It was a back and forth pull of my heartstrings. The painful love triangle – of the old love versus the new. It was great~ Narration and production was awesome! Great quality Audio.” -Brandie @AudiobookObsession

“LOVED this book! Amazing and emotional story. I love Ashe, he’s such a great guy, and Riley grows so much through the book. I laughed and I cried. The narrator had an amazing performance and brought the characters to life.” -Heather North @AudiobookObsession

“Tracy Marks did a fabulous job with the narration on this story. Like, for real. Her character voices and accents were well done and all unique, and she added the perfect amount of emotion when needed. This is my first listen to any performance by Ms. Marks, but I’d definitely listen to more of her performances, without any hesitation. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this book if the summary sounds like something that you’d like. It’s a good, solid listen and a promising start to the series.” -Jstep


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