Officially Shelving Forrest and Summer… For Now

That’s it. After weeks of getting stuck at 19k that’s now been edited down to 15k, I’m officially shelving The Reluctant Fiancee for the holidays. Whatever inspiration that hit me last month to get their story written and published before the year’s end has faded and nothing has managed to stop me from being so critical about the entire story.


So instead of fighting through it and most likely hating the final product later and spending months and months trying to fix it years later, I’m setting it aside so I can work on something else. After all, I have over eight stories that are waiting their turn so there’s no shortage there.

It’s also Christmas and I need a break from all the writing and beating myself up day in and day out for not hitting word counts I feel I should hit because my peers are hitting them. I know, I know. I’m measuring my success to someone else’s and it’s killing me slowly day by day. 

So I’m taking it easy from now until LilDude goes back to school in two weeks. I’ll write whatever I want to write. No preorders, no tackling publish-a-book-a-month-for-2019 challenges that I’ve been seeing in some of my author forums.

No pressure. I’ll even listen to Brendan James’ songs again for they’re the only songs that really get me out of the rut.

Have a Happy Holidays, everyone. Thank you so much for reading my blog throughout the year, even if my posts aren’t happy at times. But that’s me, just keeping it real. Publishing isn’t all glitter and unicorns. It’s hard work, lots of frustration, and bliss.

Time to queue Brendan James.

12 thoughts on “Officially Shelving Forrest and Summer… For Now

      1. 22 days! wow! I have a small tree that our friend gave us for our little guy to decorate when we were at a party last week so we just decided to use that instead but I’m afraid the tree sat a day too long without water so I don’t see any decrease in the water I’ve put in. Oh well. But it’s all decorated and looking purty even if it’s small 😀

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  1. I find it so weird that writers post their words counts, keeping score competitively, like posting your split times running a marathon. I couldn’t possibly count how many new words I’ve written, I bounce around too much, editing here, writing new there.
    My daughter, the English major and about to be published poet, told me this story: a poet and a novelist got to know each other at a writers’ retreat. In the dining hall, toward the end of the week, the novelist said, “boy, this environment really does help my creativity. I had such a good day! I wrote about 3,000 words. How about you?”
    The poet nodded. “I agree, I’m more productive here. Today was great, I added two words in the morning. I deleted them in the afternoon.”

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    1. So true about writers posting their word counts. I never really saw it until I encountered NaNoWriMo back in 2014 where one writes 50K words in 30 days and suddenly people were reverse engineering out how many words per day they’d need to write to get to 50k in 30 days. And then there are the accountability groups that post their word counts every day. You think you’re doing well at 2k words until someone posts that she wrote 11k words and she’s gonna be done 20 days before you will. It’s become annoying but subconsciously, I’ve fallen for the same thing and I need to stop. I wrote more prolifically without these damn groups making me feel so worthless for not being able to write 1k words today because I spent that time with my family instead. I need to go back to the way things were for 2019. and just focus on the story.


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