Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

Guess whose preorder just went live???

Yup! Friends with Benefits goes live in four days and I’m actually really excited! It makes for a hectic release schedule considering my last book was released less than 30 days ago but I’m also playing catch up for the year.

Friends with Benefits was supposed to be released in September and I actually forgot all about it until I was going through my Instagram archives and saw that I’d posted September 2018 on one of my teasers.

But I have no regrets! That’s because I found the best beta readers when I did go back to expand it from 36k words I left it with to 40k words which makes it a short novel! It did mean that the second book of the Holiday Engagement series went on hold but it’s all good.

That’s the beauty of not forcing myself to stick to a release schedule, the one change in my author business that is saving my sanity. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Friends with Benefits, the fourth book in A Different Kind of Love series featuring characters you’ve met in Falling for Jordan, Campbell and Caitlin.


(A Different Kind of Love Novel #4)

I’ve known Campbell all my life. He’s the boy next door and my brother’s best friend. He’s also the only guy I can completely be my geeky nerdy self with.

But when I wake up in his bed the morning after his company holiday party, there are two things I suddenly can’t ignore: One, Campbell Murphy is all grown up in more ways than one, and two, I no longer want to be “just” his best friend’s sister.

But is a fling worth sacrificing a lifetime of trust between families? Or is it worth a shot at something that had always been there all along?


Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

9 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

    1. Thanks! I’m just playing catch up, really, and need to work on the second book of the holiday one this weekend. It’s an experiment on rapid releasing books but I’m behind on the holiday engagement series already lol

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    2. oh, and plotting! I owe it to plotting lol Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes is just about foolproof at this point although I’ve tweaked each process to fit another guy’s outlining process that left me stumped since last year but I think I finally figured it out.

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      1. You can do it, too! I have a few extra outlines lying around if you want to use them to write to! I started working on finally outlining after learning that ghostwriters rely on detailed outlines to write the stories within a specific time frame and so I told myself to come up with an outline and then see if I could write the story a few weeks later so I would approach it “fresh”. I kinda didn’t do it for these 2 books that I released but it’s how I started with a few detours and plan b’s along the way. Just loosely outlining using the Romancing the Beat template.

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      2. I follow the hero’s journey and also look at Michael Hauge for all other genres. It’s basically the heroine going from her identity (who she perceives herself to be) to her essence (who she really is). It’s the transformation and it applies to all genres.

        From knowing who you are based everything you’ve been told or what you’ve learned or experienced to knowing who you really are underneath all the armor and scars 💕💕💕

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