October Favorites: Shaun of the Dead


Not all my October movie favorites are scary-scary. Some are funny-scary like
Shaun of the Dead (A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies) starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I love Brit humor and this one has a ton of it.

It’s a tale of two friends who find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and need to work together to survive. It even features a song by Queen.

I actually have this on DVD because I just had to have it. I also can’t find it streaming on Netflix, HBO, or Amazon (now you know what I subscribe to) and so I might end up buying this on iTunes just because it’s among my favorites.

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

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