October Favorites: Corpse Bride

October is the month when I rewatch my favorite scary and not really so scary movies. I don’t have a top 10 or anything but I figured I’d start off with one of my favorites, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, mainly because of Emily who’s passionate and feisty, the same characteristics that led to her death. Sorry, spoiler but then she is the title character…

And then there’s this piano duet…

The stop-motion photography, as always with Burton, is top-notch and that’s one of the things I love about this duet. You see their fingers dancing over the keys, pressing each one as they communicate via music.

I love how you see Emily’s personality come out in the way she arches an eyebrow (have I mentioned that she’s feisty?) and the way her lips crook into a smile. She’s ‘the bride’ of the underworld determined to find her groom.

I also love the supporting cast, the occupants of the underworld who welcome “new arrivals” at the bar with a drink. They do make one exception and no, I don’t think they offered him one.

The songs are great and the overall arc of the story is just perfect, even the inevitable ending. Bittersweet… but perfect.


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Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

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