It’s Going to Be a Good Day

Today I received this in the mail and it’s actually pretty big, like 8×10 and about 200 or so pages.

It feels really good being part of something that benefits other people and Word Search for Warriors, Volume 2 benefits a nonprofit that rescues and trains dogs to become companion animals for veterans suffering from PTSD.

I’ve got two word search box thingies included, one for Everything She Ever Wanted and another for Loving Ashe. It should be fun trying to find them. I’d give it to my 8-year-old but his idea of circling the word is crossing out every single letter that makes up the words he finds and complaining why he can’t find anything else that goes across whatever he just crossed the hell out…

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

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