“Stories matter tremendously.”

“Stories matter tremendously. They’re how we learn about who is real and who’s less consequential; whose pain is important and whose, not so much; who is the hero and who is merely the hero’s reward.”

Op-Ed: The Patriarchy Will Always Have It’s Revenge, by Jenifer Werner, New York Times

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I'm a poet and author of contemporary and erotic romance with angst. I'm also mom to two boys, one who's all grown up and the other young enough to leave Lego all over the floor to make every day an obstacle course.

3 thoughts on ““Stories matter tremendously.”

  1. A great article. I’m sitting up here in Canada thinking how can this guy become part of the Supreme Court, but then Trump admitted to sexual assaults and still became president. I just hope he doesn’t get in. What a mockery of justice if he does!! It’s enough to make you sick.

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    1. These are sad and scary times indeed, and this generation will make it even scarier for the generations to come if/when they barrel this nomination through everything, as McConnell has guaranteed to his constituents. I look at the things I can change within my family because I want to teach my son to be kind and learn how to tell right from wrong, but even that looks hopeless sometimes when I see what is happening within the community at large, and the nation itself. Women especially, as are members of marginalized groups, are finding out exactly where they stand in this country.

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      1. What you teach your son is very important. If all parents taught their sons the way to do right, there would be no #metoo. All we can do sometimes is maintain integrity, honesty and honour. If others don’t, we must still hold fast. Otherwise the world becomes increasingly horrible.

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