And It’s Only Tuesday

Today, my LilDude almost had a meltdown at the bus stop because it was 20 minutes late. Since their school is being updated, they are being bussed to another school on the other side of town so that means I drop him off at 8:10 so he can get the second out of 3 busses that comes to pick them up.

I did drop him off and picked him up the first week but by Friday, I was the only one out of two parents doing so and I’d achieved what I’d wanted to do which was to meet his teacher and behavioral aide face to face. So from the second week onwards, it’s the bus for him which he actually loves.

When we got there at 7:59, the first bus was still boarding and had room for 4 more kids but he said he wanted to wait for the second bus which usually arrives shortly after. Well, it didn’t arrive until 8:24 and the poor kid just about had a meltdown from all the waiting.

Lesson learned. Next time, he gets on whatever bus is already there.

Last month, I learned another lesson (this one probably more painful than the bus one): Watch your daily ad spend because you’re bound to pay for it if you don’t.

As of the past year or so, Amazon ads rarely ever spend their daily budget. You could put down $100 or $1000 for your daily budget per ad and depending on your bid (mine was only between $0.21 – $0.30 per click), you’d be lucky AMS would spend even $5.

Well, that changed last month when they rolled out their new dashboard. Now they’re called or something and man, they sure mean it when they talk about “advertising” because they spent most of my budget per ad per day and I didn’t realize it until a few days later. Neither did I get half the ROI I wanted. Not even close!

By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. I knew that come billing time, I was going to be in the hole for the coming month.

And I’m there.

It’s definitely a lesson I’m not forgetting and all my ads are currently off except for one.

In the meantime, I’m rethinking my decision to start over Campbell’s story. Whatever cool story idea I had in my mind yesterday can be assigned to someone else. After all, I have 35k words already and I can work with that. I just need to dive back into the story first.

I’ve also been doing other stuff like re-publishing an erotic short story I’d released last April for Naughty Pen and tweaking keywords for her books. I still have 2 more erotic shorts I need to tweak and re-release with newly branded covers and decide if I want to put her books in Kindle Unlimited or not.

I used to think that having more than one pen name would be a blast and while it kinda is, it’s also a lot of work. What you need to do for one pen name you also need to do for the other if you want the work to succeed.

secret.facebook-photoI do have a dilemma. A distant cousin emailed me last night asking for the links to my pen name’s erotica books. She said she has a friend who’d like to get into it and she thought my books were great. Did she mean Liz’s books or my Naughty Pen’s books (which she supposedly doesn’t know the name of)?

So I’m torn (well, not really).

I don’t want anyone who’s not my VA or a fellow author I network with to know. That was the beauty of having Naughty Pen. No one, not even hubby knows what stuff she writes. Letting my distant cousin know would open a whole can of worms with the family and relatives who already look down and ridicule what Liz writes – and as Liz, I write freaking Contemporary Romance! It’s just not “serious literature” to them…

So instead of emailing her, I decided to procrastinate by figuring out an app I’ve had for a while but never used. It’s actually packed with a lot of benefits and I made this short teaser/ad today.

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

2 thoughts on “And It’s Only Tuesday

  1. Sorry about the loss in advertising! Sorry too about the meltdowns. I know all about meltdowns and they aren’t fun. Difficult to avoid the unexpected all the time though!

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    1. Thanks, Michael! Yup, I have to be on a strict budget for now until I release my next book so I can recover a bit from that faux pas.

      Oh those meltdowns indeed! But I’m glad my kid’s school is helping him deal with the things that upset him and adapting things to make it easier for him. Last week, I made the mistake of stopping by the donut shop for coffee after I dropped him off at the bus stop because I had no half-and-half at the house, and his bus happened to stop at the light in front of it on the way to school. He had a meltdown when he saw my car and wouldn’t stop shouting and ranting all the way because he was upset I went into the donut shop without him. So now I have to adapt. Coffee only at home while he’s in school or wait until his bus drives by LOL

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