Done and Dusted: Christmas Romance Edition (1)

As of today, I am done with writing Christmas romances for the year.

Sad, because it would have been nice to write another one to round out the count to three or so even if only two of those would have been in the same series. But after telling myself not to fall into the “let’s write another holiday story” hole (but you never know, I just might!), I’m back to editing Campbell’s story so I can release it and then jump right into Naughty Pen’s line up of dark romance and erotic romance books.

That means, other than releasing Friends with Benefits in the fall, Liz’s books will be on hiatus until 2019.

This is what happens when one has more than one pen name, by the way. I don’t know how people (not conglomerates or group pen names) can juggle more than two at a time although heaven knows I’m trying!

But one thing I actually enjoyed about writing the latest holiday story was that this one had NO sex whatsoever. Just one sensual kiss and that was about it. Imagine that. No sex since that’s what the box set required. And even though I hated it in the beginning and my first story ended up with tons of steamy scenes, the second story stayed within the lines. Who knows? It’s probably boring as heck but it’s done.

And now I can go back to having my mind in the gutter once again. But even that has limits. Today, this showed up on my FB feed and people were asking why FB was showing them a dildo ad.


You know, there’s a thing such as context and maybe people are so far gone in that gutter but even I know it’s a bicycle chain cleaner.

And I don’t even ride a bike.



Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

3 thoughts on “Done and Dusted: Christmas Romance Edition

    1. LOL it’s where you hold it while the chain runs through the top part. The top part snaps off so you can add degreaser into the compartment and then position it under the chain before snapping the top part of the thingy to close it. Then, holding the limp dildo part, you turn the pedal so the chain link goes through the whole thing and the inside wheels and gears and whatever inside the thingy will degrease the bike chain. Then unsnap the top, put the thingy away and dry the chain link before then adding lube. Hmmm… I should write instruction manuals for sex toys lol

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      1. I have one of these things. I don’t have a limp dildo to hold it. Unnecessary!! But I’d read your manual!!😜


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