Sneaking Some Writing Time and That Kiss

Yup, it’s Monday and it’s time to sneak in that writing time! Summer is definitely in full swing and today, there aren’t any trips on the schedule. The kid is still in bed as I write this and while I really need to get Naughty Pen’s latest installment done, it’s too early to write sexy times. I haven’t even had my coffee yet!

What I did get to do was find the first time I got to see any statue of “The Kiss” in my Photos app which was from four years ago when I visited family in New York. No wonder I kept thinking when I was looking at the Kissing couple statue on USS Iowa that I’d seen something similar before! Goes to show that I must be getting old!

Anyway, the first time I saw a similar statue was at Times Square and I remember trying to get a picture of it sans people (which is impossible, given that it’s Times Square!).

I do love the original photograph even if there’s some controversy attached to it. Some people considered it assault since the couple wasn’t exactly a couple. The woman, Greta Zimmer Friedman, was a dental assistant who went to Times Square to celebrate the end of WWII when sailor George Mendonsa spun her around and kissed her. But she refutes any claims that it was assault or unwanted attention in a Time interview.

“It wasn’t that much of a kiss,” Friedman, who came forward as the woman in the photo years later, said in a 2005 interview with the Veterans History Project. “It was just somebody celebrating. It wasn’t a romantic event.” – The Story Behind the WWII V-J Day Kiss Photo via

Two hours later, I just remembered I hadn’t clicked Publish on this blog post because, well, Facebook and ads and promo scheduling. I also started (finally!) inputting my numbers into a Google Sheet and figured out how to do calculations. That way, I can check on my numbers and update them even when I’m on the go.

I also posted a poll in my Reader Group about where they get/find/buy their books and so far, Kindle Unlimited is the top pick. Heck, I have KU and all ten slots are filled with books I have to read and if I were a voracious reader, I’m sure I’d be filling those ten slots with new books every week. At $10/month, that’s certainly an amazing deal. Netflix for books!

What about you? Where do you get/find/buy your books?


15 thoughts on “Sneaking Some Writing Time and That Kiss

      1. If you’re going to be around this evening maybe I’ll shoot you a text, I’m having a serious headache with a layout problem for Solitude. Maybe I can get a little of your expert help


      2. I have it all laid out in Word. The size is the problem. Everything is fine but I can’t figure out how to size it! Then when I look at the print version preview the last page of every chapter doesn’t start at the top of the page 🤬 I tried downloading the Kindle create but I can’t get it to run on my computer and I don’t know why. All of this together is making me a little crazy. This is day four of just trying to figure out this one formatting problem.

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