In Paperback… And What’s Maroon?


It’s official!

The paperback of Breaking the Rules is available on Amazon. Everywhere else (Barnes & Noble, Chapters, etc.) will take a few more days because I have to go through another company for that (IngramSpark) and it needs a whole different cover file.

Tonight, while skimming through the pages, I came across two words, “maroon color,” and I paused. What on earth is maroon in my book? Turns out, it’s a part of the male anatomy and for the life of me, I don’t even know why I wrote it. In my panic writing the sex scenes (expanded after most of the story was done), I must have added it in there and forgot about it.

Now I need to remove it because, for the life of me, I’ve never seen it turn maroon. Have you? I actually flipped to the cover just to check if it’s possible for that part of his anatomy to turn maroon based on his skin color… you know, to check.

Or maybe I haven’t been paying attention…?


6 thoughts on “In Paperback… And What’s Maroon?

  1. I can honestly say that when MrH is very hard and has been for some time the tip becomes a very very deep red that could be described as maroon…. maybe that’s what you were trying to portray ????

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    1. Yes, that’s is! That’s what I wanted to portray but I guess the word choice, “maroon” conjured up medical issues for me instead. Granted, the novel was so angsty that writing the steamy scenes felt out of place even though they were integral to the story – but not as integral as the steamy scenes were in the first book. I’ve never breathed a sigh of relief like I did finishing this one LOL

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