Breaking the Rules is LIVE!

Alma and Sawyer’s story is finally live and I hope you got yourself a copy. There is a little bit of faux pas on my part for Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Somehow I missed the deadline to upload last week and the aggregator automatically set the preorder on 6/26. So I’m off to fix that little problem but probably not until morning when someone can actually answer my email…

In the meantime, you can get your copy from Amazon and iBooks.

Get Your Copy


7 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules is LIVE!

  1. We build a life for ourselves and our families. We try to make the world a better place. We can’t control those warped individuals who like tearing things down and who like spreading hate! Fear is giving them too much though. Give them respect and be diligent and cautious—but don’t let them make you afraid.

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    1. Thanks, Michael! My PA and I were just talking about this. The only way I can get this book to rank high (or low since it has to make it <100 or at least <1000) is to put it back into Kindle Unlimited and throw thousands of dollars in advertising into it. I'll probably end up doing the former but not the latter. I have better use for that money, like saving it in case the world makes it to hell in that handbasket.

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