It’s GDPR Day. Is it Safe to Go Outside Yet?

Yup, today, GDPR kicks in and I think I’ve done everything I was supposed to do. I updated all my Privacy and Cookie policies and sent out emails to those who signed up for my newsletter asking them to reconfirm their subscription. I don’t know if I wasn’t supposed to do that but with my inbox exploding yesterday with over 100 GDPR-compliant emails, I figured it was best that I make sure I had that box checked off.

So what do I do now?

Do I wait for someone to say, hey, you violated GDPR, I’m suing you?

I have no idea. Just don’t sue me.

Of course, now I’m seeing some emails asking me to join in on the new newsletter building promotions because, after all, we’ve just cleaned up our list leaving us with hardly anyone left so WHY NOT GET SOME MORE?

And here I am going nopenopenope. Been there done that and won’t do it anymore. I get that a huge mailing list is nice but if more than 50% have no idea who I am, what’s the point other than getting to say, hey guys, my mailing list has 50k subscribers. I’m better than you all!

I really just need to write and have been wanting to write for the last three days since I got myself a new iPad for my birthday. Not the iPad Pro unfortunately but the 6th generation one. I wanted one just for my writing since I’ve now returned to VoiceDream app and am writing exclusively on that before I export it to Ulysses for editing and then Vellum for final formatting into ebook and paperback.

Meanwhile, I’ve got 40k more words to go so wish me luck.

How’s your Friday so far?




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