Waking Up to A Royal Wedding… and A Freebie

Me: I’m not waking up at 3 AM for no royal wedding!

Also me: Why am I awake at 3 AM? (turns on the phone and watches the live-stream)

So, yes, I watched bits and pieces of the royal wedding and thought it was really beautiful. Harry and Meghan Markle look perfect for each other. I loved the way he looked at her and said, “You look amazing. I’m so lucky.”

And then the lip bite…

I’ve actually had to cut down on the number of times my characters bite their lip because I don’t want to run into a reader who’s bound to count how many times I use it. But at this moment I don’t give a hoot anymore. My characters, male and female, will bite their lips ALL THEY FREAKING WANT.

Anyway, it also made me realize I’m old since I remember watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry’s parents back in 1981. I even made a scrapbook of Lady Diana Spencer.


Now I wish I wrote fast because royal romances are bound to be in… along with mountain men and their virgins and reverse harems.

Did you watch the royal wedding?

ETA: I forgot all about my freebie!

To celebrate my birthday month, Loving Ashe is free for a limited time!

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