There Are Worse Things I Could Do

“So much of who I am has to do with having had him in my life. From my taste in music to my understanding of human nature. He was my teacher and my mirror. Even the woman I set out to become in the aftermath of our love affair: the woman who could love a man who would love her and stay with her. That transformation came about because I recognized my part in our attachment— my insecurities, my diminished self-worth, my need to be with someone who withheld himself— and worked for years to change all that. I have learned from many people in my life but from Richard most of all.” -Adrienne Barbeau, There Are Worse Things I Could Do.

This is one of the passages I’ve highlighted from Adrienne Barbeau’s memoir and it’s one that made me stop and think of the first boy I fell in love with, the same boy for whom I would drop everything for years even though he had other girlfriends and maybe even a boyfriend. But this post isn’t about that boyfriend or any boyfriend for that matter, but about the author and actress.

Adrienne happens to be one of my favorite names hands down. The taboo romance screenplay I wrote in 8th grade featured two characters that went by Adrienne and Adrian. It was an older woman younger man romance and it was a taboo relationship. Only they didn’t know it until later. I really had no idea what I was writing then and technically, the sex scenes were all fade to black because heck, what did I know, right? But I was thrilled to have a fanbase in Homeroom because as soon as I’d finish typing the next page, my classmates would scoop it up. Each one would read a page then switch to the next one, depending on whether the other person was done reading it or not. That’s how I got caught when one of the pages ended up with the teacher and she turned beet red at the words on the page and she sent me to the principal’s office who then sent me to the guidance counselor.

No wonder I almost got suspended and all my writing efforts were henceforth channeled into poetry, thanks to my principal and the poetry club teacher who made sure every poem I wrote made it in the school paper for all to see. But I digress…

Anyway, this is currently what I’m reading and I’m enjoying it a lot. Ms. Barbeau is kinda more my mother’s generation and maybe that’s why she’s so familiar to me because she did a lot of horror movies directed by John Carpenter and my mom would sneak us “brave” kids in with her during the late night showings and we’d do our best to act tough even though we were trembling in our seats. I didn’t really get to see her until Escape from New York and later, when she played the snake charmer in HBO’s short-lived series, Carnivale.

Adrienne Barbeau as Ruthie and Nick Stahl as Ben in Carnivale. Still miss that show. It had one of the best intros EVER.

I’m technically still at 9% of the memoir but so far, I love it. But then I’m biased. What about you? What are you reading this weekend?


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