Make It Your Best


“Make it your best. Every time. Anything less is, well, less, and could lose you a reader that might have loved your later, better work. Readers are won and lost one at a time, and they’re very easy to lose and extremely difficult to gain. I have zero compunction about improving my offerings whenever possible.” – Russel Blake

I remember posting this two years ago on my older author blog before I did a name change and I’m glad it showed up again on my FB timeline so I can grab it and post it here as a reminder. It’s why I constantly tweak my earlier books until they’re as good as they can be… unless the audiobook is out then I can’t touch it 😂

In the writing front, I’m 10K words into the new release after starting over from scratch. The release date has been pushed all the way to June which is too far for my taste but for the sake of my sanity, it has to be. It’s really more a cushion and will allow me to release the book earlier once it’s ready. It’s currently only available for preorder on iBooks at the moment because I’ve been too distracted to post it anywhere else. I haven’t even done the cover reveal because I think the cover could be better (but I usually think that when it’s a cover I created outside of the series branding which is my cover designer’s job).

Why does it look like my heroes are graduating to certain levels of undress? 

My usual level of angst (which was totally missing in Falling for Jordan) is back and I’m loving Sawyer the way he’s fleshing out, word by word. I think with each book I’m writing after the overwhelm of book marketing and promotion, I’m slowly finding that balance.

It means letting go of expectations and doing my best all at the same time. It means turning off Facebook and other social media so I can write even though I want to cancel my account altogether because of the current climate—but then, what doesn’t FB know about me between my personal accounts that connect me to family back home and my author persona? As a romance author, that’s also where my readers are.

So it’s business as usual and it’s back to the words. What do you think of the new cover for Breaking the Rules?

15 thoughts on “Make It Your Best

      1. You go!! PTSD is becoming so pervasive in our society. Someone near me killed a mother 39, her son 15, and daughter 13 recently. She was trying to break up with him and he apparently had PTSD as well as anger issues and perhaps steroid rage. Just an awful scenario.

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      2. It’s definitely more well known now that among veterans, it’s more than just what they called “adjustment disorder” when they first returned. It’s what’s made me stop and start and stop and start over many times, too, because I don’t want to paint characters with one general brush stroke. So here’s hoping I get it finally done now that I started over for the third and final time. I’m so sorry for your loss, Michael.

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      3. Not my loss as I didn’t know the family but it was just so senseless. The son came to his mother’s aid but was no match for the bodybuilder boyfriend. Not sure why he killed the youngest daughter. Just so senseless.


      4. That’s so sad. It could have been ‘roid rage, too, which doesn’t make for a good combination. I went to my mother’s aid once when she was breaking up with her bf who was a cop and looking back, it wasn’t the smartest thing for me to do. Kids will do what they can for their parents.

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      5. Me, too! I didn’t learn my lesson then though. I did it again with my horny uncle brandishing his gun because my housekeeper (we all had servants where I grew up, nothing to do with being wealthy lol) rebuffed his advances. I won’t be tempting fate the third time though.

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      6. Glad you finally learned your lesson. But if something threatened your son, you would do everything in your power to help him. We can know the lessons but when the correct thing and still do the “foolish thing”—it just needs the correct setting.

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    1. I love that close up shot, too. If only the resolution was just as good as the full torso shot so I have to pick the middle one which is what has been used for the cover reveal. But you know me, unless it’s nailed down, it’s subject to change LOL

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