Review: Say You Need Me by Carrie Lomax


I discovered Carrie Lomax quite by accident and I checked her book, Say You’ll Stay (the old title was Holiday Heat), out. I loved it so much I reviewed it here.

Well, I’ve been looking forward to Janelle’s story since I finished Alyssa and Marc’s and I’m so glad it’s finally out. Janelle is Alyssa’s younger sister who’s mired in student debt and just can’t get a break. She can’t even get an apartment or a good job because once anyone checks out her credit, they consider her a risk.

So she takes up a friend’s suggestion to find herself a sugar daddy. Her friend assures her that with her looks and those boobs, goodness, she’ll score herself a sugar daddy in no time. Soon, Janelle finds herself in Las Vegas… but not quite up to what prospective Sugar Daddy wants her to do. Before she knows it, she’s hit rock bottom in Vegas and she didn’t even have to visit the craps table.

When she runs into Trent Mason, former professional poker player (and accidental porn star), he offers to help her out until her flight back to Florida in two days. Trent is starting over and the last thing he needs is a distraction. But he also can’t kick the poor girl out on the Strip just like that.

Now if only they can keep their hands off each other while having to share a small hotel room, then life would be all fine and dandy… but then, that’s easier said than done.

say you need me dirty 3

It doesn’t help that Trent “has more baggage than an airline in July,” and there were times I wanted to shout at my phone, but it was 2am so I couldn’t do that. Lomax writes strong female characters who find their match and she knows how to set that page on fire with witty banter and steamy scenes.

So without spoiling the rest of the book for you, let me just say that I loved Say You Need Me. I loved Trent despite his baggage—and oh, what baggage it was. While Janelle drove me nuts in the first book, she redeems herself here because just like all of Lomax’s heroes and heroines, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

say you need me - teaser -heart

I enjoyed this sexy, smart and steamy story of Janelle, the hopeless romantic who’s not the type to play around with her heart and Trent, the fallen Icarus who’s loved, lost, and is too scared to venture forward no matter what his heart says. It’s Cinderella at the ball meets Icarus with his broken wings… I loved it.


You can get Say You Need Me here. Read the first book, Say You’ll Stay here.

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