Musings Over Afternoon Coffee: Reviews and Orange Tags

This weekend, Falling for Jordan went on sale for 99 pennies. And for the first time in a long time, I was actually (a bit more) organized when it came to the promotions. I had a few lined up from months earlier and sent out my newsletter on Saturday and another one on Sunday.

It was a good distraction from my obsession the past two weeks over dipping sales and obsession over ROI, ad copy, and ad budgets instead of planting my ass in the chair and finishing my next book. It even earned the orange flag for a few hours:


And this morning, I discovered three new reviews for Everything She Ever Wanted that brought a smile to my heart—and a reminder to myself that I can write that next novel without outlining it until there’s no soul left.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 5.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 5.21.15 PM

The last review also confirmed to me the source of that huge spike in sales that I got last month. I mean, it was so huge (by my standards) it spoiled me and made the dip in sales this month quite a shock. I’d been wondering the entire time if someone had featured me in their newsletter—someone meaning a fellow author—but nope, it was Amazon who featured me. So thank you, Amazon. Can you do it again?




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