Cover Reveal In 3… 2… 1

Actually, not yet.

So yesterday morning, my designer guy sent me four versions of the cover for my next book and it was really exciting… and overwhelming. Which one to choose?! They all were the same pose but laid out differently and one was awesome but didn’t go well with the series when put together and the other was perfect for the series but I wasn’t so sure about resolution when it came to the paperback which requires the best resolution once that ebook photo is blown up.

So I chose to go with the full body version because, well, any flaws in my graphic design skills could be overlooked (my cover guy does the layout since he did the branding lock for the series) that way. My friends were excited.

Oh, look, one said, he’s got a barrel clip for his nipple piercing! 

Oh, he does? I thought, peering at my screen. Oh right! He does. That’s going to be distracting, isn’t it?

But I love it, she said. I’m distracted by it.

Exactly, I thought.

Then hubby came home and took one look at the two finalists and said, the one that’s more close up is the perfect match for your series. It’s powerful and his face just shows the agony–

But honey, I said, you don’t even know what the story’s about. (Heck, at this point, I don’t even know what the story’s about.)

I don’t care, he said, I like the close-up version. The other one is too distracting. 

You mean, the nipple clip thingy?

What nipple clip thingy? I didn’t even notice it, he said. No, I mean, his body is distracting from the expression on his face. You MUST use the close-up version. It fits your series more since they’re all faces. FACES.

Oh, okay. If you insist. But now people are gonna miss out on the abs and the nipple clip thingy… and the tattoo that I photoshopped right on his bicep.

That’s what I meant, hubby said. It’s all so distracting. Face, Liz. Focus on the face.

Oh, I said. Okay…

Wow, I never realized people could get so worked up over covers but… okay. But I suspect he’s really more concerned about all the man bods and man bits he sees on my monitors (all for research, I tell you!).

But then I get an email from my cover designer guy. Well, yeah, close up means it’s a third of the resolution so for the paperback, it will be 30% resolution so maybe the torso version you decided on is the best. 


Full torso it is then, barrel nipple clip and tattoo and all…

So yes, it’s comin’

Guess I should have titled this Behind the Scenes of a Cover Reveal...


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