Share Your World – Week 8


It’s time for Share Your World hosted by Cee Photography! If you’d like to join along, click the banner and post and answer the questions on your blog!

Here are the questions this week:

How do you like your eggs?

I like my eggs medium side up. I think that’s what it’s called. Like, sunnyside up but not runny.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Oh boy. Do you have some time? I started my massage practice back in 1997 straight out of massage school and one of my first famous clients was a rapper whose face has graced Rolling Stone and hundreds of other entertainment magazines and he’s sold millions of records. He’s what you’d call one of the first rappers in the business who shaped music the way it is now. I met him through his line producer (they’re the ones who handle the money during a film production) whom I met through the concierge at this hotel where I would go and see the guests. The line producer loved my bodywork so much he called me the next day and had me come down to where they were filming a comedy movie. I had no idea who the rapper/actor was then but he was a really nice guy. He would later request for me to work on him while filming his subsequent movies and even go to his production offices in Santa Monica, and then his house which had a theater room that was bigger than any house I’ve ever lived in. He also had his own basketball court.

Not me but what I specialize in.

I worked on more actors, producers, and directors mostly through word of mouth from that line producer and also my website (goes to show how important one person can be in another one’s success). Some would ask me to work parties and charity galas, usually late into the night. At first, the studio and on location calls were fun. Some jobs had me working on them at midnight because they were doing a night shoot in San Pedro until 5 in the morning. You get to be in the middle of filming; you get to sit in the chair that had their name on it as they film their scenes. You get caught up in the energy that is filmmaking and meet all the people behind the scenes from the makeup artists and medics to the electricians and the grip. But that’s the problem. You get there and you wait until they’re done filming before you can work on them so there was a lot more waiting than actually working. The novelty wore off quickly.

I’ve been called at the last minute to work on them before they go on the air with some talk show host, which means I have to drive to the studios at an hour’s notice. I’ve driven all the way to Malibu to work on them and also had to carry my massage table up narrow stairs in their Hollywood Hills homes. Not fun at all. I’ve worked on reality TV stars and learned just how different their rate of compensation was compared to actors. I’ve also worked on NBA players (who had their own custom-built massage tables because they’re so tall) and professional hockey players who made me wish they were around when I was learning human muscle anatomy. I’d have learned it faster…

I can’t include their names because as a massage therapist, I can’t violate patient privacy even though I don’t work on them anymore. I used to think I could divulge it after some time but that’s still violating their privacy so I don’t.

File Feb 26, 1 23 28 PM
Poet Laureate W.S.Merwyn

But as far as famous people I’ve met that I can name, here they are although some of them have passed away, and not all of them are actors because if I ever sought out famous people, they were usually authors: Mitch Albom, Jane Smiley, James Ellroy, Poet Laureate W.S. Merwyn, Diana Gabaldon, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke who wrote To End A War (about the war in Kosovo), and the late Frank McCourt (Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Angela’s Ashes). The late violinist Isaac Stern. Actors Tom Skerrit (whom I met at the airport and I blanked out his name and almost called him Tom Green), Kevin James (King of Queens), David Boreanaz, Benicio del Toro (who actually looks way better in person than in tabloid photos), Naomi Watts, Melissa Leo.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Books, of course.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Chocolate I forgot I hid in the freezer. Toblerone, to be exact, and some other big bar that had almonds in it. They were all yummy.


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