Keep Going


I’ve been the queen of procrastination lately. I’m not happy about it because nothing is getting written. The story I had been so eager to write a few months ago has stalled, with every excuse I can think of to derail it, and every distraction from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to actually reading a book… anything but write what I need to write.

But this weekend, I’m quitting social media so I can tackle this baby. I actually got past Chapter One after telling myself to stop worrying about word count. Can you believe it? I haven’t moved on past Chapter One for a WEEK because I wanted to write my usual minimum of 2500 words but fell short at 2100 and decided I wasn’t going to move to the next chapter until I wrote those 2500 words?

That’s when I realized it was another excuse not to tackle the story.

And so the business side of me just said enough is enough. I got to get writing or I’m not a writer or an author. I’m just someone who thinks herself as one, talks the talk but CAN’T walk the walk.

So here’s business me whipping creative me into shape and getting this show on the road. Wish me luck!

And if you find me on Facebook, tell me to get back to writing.

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