Well, I Did Ask… A Very Informal and Unscientific (and Last Minute) Survey of My Mailing List

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So, 8244 emails went out and out of that 2371 people opened the email. There were 378 clicks total with 52 going to the survey itself and 43 actual respondents (44, if I count one of them that I responded to and my email client moved it up on a thread…)

This is a correction email, by the way, so some of the people already clicked on the first email that had been sent a few hours earlier before I realized that one of the new releases (not mine) had the wrong link. That’s why I had to send the second one.

Anyway, as for the survey, here are the informal results to the questions:

  • What genre do you read the most?

32% – Contemporary Romance
16% Steamy
14% Erotica
11% Erotic Romance
11% Clean and wholesome
9% Romantic Suspense
2% Literary Fiction
2% Women’s Fiction

  • Where do you buy your books?

81% Amazon with 3% of that in Kindle Unlimited
4% Barnes & Noble
2% Kobo
2% iBooks

  • What do you like most about my emails?

37% Latest updates about your books
37% Free books
11% Your Latest releases
9% What you’re working on
5% Discounted books

  • What’s the max amount you’re willing to pay for a new ebook?

26% $0.99
19% $2.99
14% $4.99
12% FREE
12% $3.99
12% $1.99
5% $5.99 and up
4% Money is no problem

  • What book of mine did you read?

9% Everything She Ever Wanted
7% Loving Riley
4% Collateral
4% Date Night
4% Loving Ashe
2% each (the rest of my books)

  • What do you want to see more of in future emails from me?

49% More Freebies
23% Sneak peeks of my WIP
20% Just your books, please
7% Other authors’ books and latest releases

  • The floor is yours: is there anything you need to add. (all anonymous although if they gave me their email, that will remain private)

“How about a slow burn reverse harem book.”

“I find KU a way to find and experience new to me authors that I may not have found or tried otherwise.”

“…update on your life, questions to readers to get know them better like: What is your favorite recipe?, What is your favorite snack food, etc. giveaways”

“…you write what your heart is telling you to write”

“Occasional freebies would be nice but not expected in your newsletters.”

“If all your books are steaming – I need off your list. I do not do steamy.”

“I understand there are a lot of lonely people out there, but most of these books, in my opinion, have crossed the line to pornographic content.”

“Please keep your emails to the point with items you are working on, good freebies and upcoming releases.”

“7440 waiting emails and in the middle of a WAY past-due ARC with another dozen waiting. Less is better.”

“I (am on) a tight budget, so I have committed to spending $0 on books, CDs, and DVDs since I can get them free at the library, through BookBub, etc. Sometimes I feel like Scrooge for not buying a book if it’s under $5, but I just can’t justify the expense. Keep writing and I will keep cheering you on, In any free way that I can.

My Thoughts:

Can someone explain to me what exactly is a “reverse harem” book? And why do some of the books I’ve picked up under Reverse Harem (for research!) look like a gangbang story from Literotica? Is it what it is because if so, then Naughty Pen needs to get writing!


2 Comments on “Well, I Did Ask… A Very Informal and Unscientific (and Last Minute) Survey of My Mailing List

    • It’s the hottest thing right now in the Amazon store. One woman and more than 2 men, not necessarily at a time whom she’s in a relationship with.


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