February Newsletter


My monthly newsletter just went out and here are the latest updates:

  1. I have the flu. Or a cold. Or whatever it is that makes the bones on my face hurt. Maybe a sinus infection. That’s my excuse for a newsletter that completely disregarded that February is the month of love love love! I didn’t even mention Chinese New Year! But that’s only because I was so distracted by #2…sally-field-oscar-speech-o
  2. A nomination! Everything She Ever Wanted is an Audiobook Listener Awards finalist in the romance category! While it’s not Academy Awards type picking of winners, I guess it goes by how many votes you get. So that means Dax and Harlow will need your votes. Like, every day. You can vote here and also get to vote once per day… until June. Whew! That’s a long way off!
  3. #2 was such great news that I temporarily forgot I was sick but 12 hours later, and my body reminded me and I never got to send this out in time. Hence I’m sending it two days after I started writing it, sent it and sent a correction…
  4. A Completely Unscientific Survey! I decided to create a poll right here on my blog because I really want to know what my readers like about my books, or books in general in case they haven’t read a single one. If you want to answer it, it’s here.
  5. Giveaways! I’ve got a few promotions to share. Free book downloads and Kindle Fire and Echo Dot giveaways. And then there’s my Everything She Ever Wanted audiobook giveaway or $20 Amazon/Itunes Gift card in case you already have the audiobook. Just click on the banners and you’re good to go!


Always Write Club Presents...



esew-giveaway (1)

With my cold-addled brain, it’s a miracle I got to send the newsletter on time which also means I won’t have anything to send out for Valentine’s day when everyone will be sending out newsletters talking about their latest sales. I got none except for my romantic suspense novel, Collateral Attraction. It’s 99 cents for the month of February! Wait, that’s not a really good sales pitch, is it? But I do like my nifty graphic…

stencil.facebook-ad-link (3)

Anyway, this is not such a good play-by-play of my newsletter so I’ll link the first one that went out with a bad link for a new release and the corrected version which turned out to be a condensed version with a free book download of a pretty erotic novella… 😘

First Newsletter with all the fixings

Second (corrected link) newsletter with free erotica novella



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