Time to Write

I can’t believe January is over and now it’s really time for me to get to work. So this morning, I wrote the first 900 words of the next book with more words to come later today.

My goal is to finish this book in the next 28 days and then get it published before the end of March. No exact date yet but with a cover photo already secured and partially designed (it’s now up to my cover designer to match it to the series or have the series match to it), if I do a preorder date, it will be on iBooks.

Last year I made some resolution about posting the new chapters of my WIP on Book+Main but that’s not going to happen anymore. Nor am I going to be posting any WIP chapters online or to my newsletter even if it’s become a trend that I’ve noticed, with big-name authors offering the first look of their drafts to their subscribers. I’m actually stressed out enough writing the book for myself to post it for other eyes other than my editor to see, so I’ll have to pass on it.

I remember two years ago listening to Neil Gaiman do a talk and he announced that that particular talk was the second to the last one he was doing before he’d take a break from any more promotion. He had to become a writer again and actually write. He’s got a great idea there and so I’m following suit.

I’ve also picked the winners of the January signed paperback giveaway! I’ll be informing the winners via email and announcing them on my next email newsletter. Are you signed up?

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