Sunday Pick: Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram


WordPress just informed me that this month marks my five year anniversary since I started blogging. That’s when I moved my original blogs from another platform to WordPress and I haven’t looked back. I love the community that WordPress fosters and I enjoy discovering new bloggers every day. What’s even more fun is that if they happen to be writers, I get to learn about their stories and their books!

One author I just discovered is Amanda Abram. I added her latest release, Challenge Accepted, to my Kindle Unlimited library last night and this morning I started reading it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read YA but I love Amanda’s writing style. The story (at 28%, so far) is smart, tight, and well-written, reminding me of Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, and basically, all John Hughes movies. It definitely is bringing out all the feels… and the smiles.

And when you find yourself yelling at your Kindle for something the hero does that’s just oh-so-irredeemable, you know you just got sucked right into a charming and witty story. So if you’re in the mood to read a smart YA enemies-to-lovers romance (wait, can you use lovers in YA?), then it’s high time to check out Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abrams.


by Amanda Abram


When the popular boy-next-door botches book nerd Emma’s chance at finding her perfect match, he’s going to help her find him

But what if they already are perfect for each other?

Emma Dawson thinks her neighbor, Logan Reynolds, is a callous jerk who thinks only of himself. He thinks she’s a stuck-up goody-two-shoes with no life.

But when Logan lies on the school’s Summer Fling Compatibility Test to get out of a casual dating situation, the program concludes that he and Emma are a perfect match.

To make it up to Emma for ruining her chances with the perfect guy, Logan decides to help her win the heart of her lifelong crush, his best friend, Matt.

But as the summer heats up, they’re suddenly faced with the biggest challenge of all—falling for each other.


“I’ve been giving it a lot of thought since yesterday and I’ve come up with a few ideas.”

“Like what?”

“Like, for starters, we have got to do something about your wardrobe.”

I glanced down at myself. I was wearing a pair of flare jeans and a gray t-shirt that said, “BOOK NERD”, where every straight vertical line of each letter was the spine of a book. I thought it was clever. “What’s wrong with my wardrobe?”

“Honestly, nothing…if you weren’t trying to attract the attention of Matt Fisher. Which, by the way, is confusing to me. What about him makes you so hot and bothered? It can’t just be his good looks because I’m good-looking too and you hate me.”

Start reading Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram


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