The Flipside #amnotwriting

Remember that 2018 resolution of reducing my stress levels and therefore no deadlines, no preorder dates for me, I would write when the muse struck blah blah blah? Well, there is a flipside to the no-stress resolution.


Instead of writing, I’ve been procrastinating. How, you may ask? Well, as of yesterday, I’ve bought two exclusive images for that book I have not yet written but keep talking about needing to write. I’ve written poetry for my other blog, and I’ve overhauled the ad copy for most of my ads. I even posted some poetry on my Instagram. All excuses for the actual writing.

I did get to write 1700 words of a first chapter for the book and even posted it on Book+Main because that had been my resolution for 2018 as well—to post my WIP on that app (well, I’ll be talking about my decision to move away from B+M in another post). Well, upon further perusal (because I edit as I go; I don’t do the whole write the full draft without editing thing and then edit later), the chapter SUCKED. It was horrible. No hook, nothing to keep a prospective reader interested. Heck, even I’m not interested which means it’s back to the drawing board for me.

And I’ve yet to go back to the actual writing.

So clearly, the no-stress resolution is backfiring BIG TIME.

It turns out, I need to be held accountable. I was talking to my friend and fellow author, Michelle Jo Quinn (you can get her free book, Planning Bliss here), about how I wrote all the stories I’ve published on Wattpad. Somehow the readers there make me feel accountable for finishing the book I started (although I’ve had to stop two books when I saw glaring mistakes along the way). I’ve tried writing alone but it’s too dang lonely and there’s just no motivation to finish. And so I told her that I might go back there and post my stories again, scene by scene and chapter by chapter until it’s time to edit and then publish.

It’s something I’ve done with every one of my published books (even Falling for Jordan last year which I swore I’d write on my own) and even the unpublished ones just waiting to be edited. I just need to focus on the stories I need to write this year and not get distracted by anything else, like that Wattpad contest where you write your version of who’d win the Game of Thrones. Interesting, I thought, but it’s another distraction from what I really need to do (Tormund and Brienne for the win, by the way. He’s alive—has to be!).

So, anyway… accountability.

I need it or nothing will get done this year. Who knew I needed the stress after all?

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

4 thoughts on “The Flipside #amnotwriting

  1. When my oldest boy was 17 I gave him some money to go get some clothes. Among the clothes he bought was a t-shirt with the words “Hit me, it’s the only way I learn”. He was never spanked as a child, but I do recognize that the shirt described him perfectly. He needed consequences and accountability in his life. Every single time we cut him slack he would take advantage of it and not do anything he was supposed to do. That is just the way he always was. He was never a bad kid, but he needed direction and accountability or he would not move forward. I think I’m gonna get you that shirt. lol

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    1. Thanks, Robert! Yes I’ll need that shirt but we can do it virtually LOL

      I’m too paranoid these days to post my writing online and I’ll get this book and all the books in my schedule done in private. I did it for my Naughty pen name and she’s got 4 books out on iBooks and knock on wood, they’re doing great without advertising LOL


  2. Writing is a lonely job, and I feel writing alone is hard. After everything that has happened, I won’t be going back to online writing websites, but I may start a group of trusted writer friends to review work.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best =)

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    1. Thanks! I honestly don’t want to post on Wattpad or any other online writing site either. Someone suggested I set up a private FB group of readers and do that instead of Wattpad but I haven’t gone ahead yet with the plan. Some of my friends are posting their chapters to their mailing list but I’m so wary about piracy and that’s basically handing them the keys to the book itself. I’m sure I’ll end up writing my books alone. I’m so paranoid about pirates stealing my stories before they’re published these days and that alone is the motivation for me to write it in private and push myself to finish it without a cheering squad. I did it for my naughty pen’s books (since I couldn’t share it with anyone) and they’re selling very well on iBooks without advertising so I know I can do it for books under Liz.


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