“I’m Still Here.”


Josh grabbed her wrist, his grip tight. “What are you doing?”

“I’m feeling for scar tissue, that’s all,” she said. “I’m a doctor, remember? Sure, I may not be practicing but I’m still a trained medical professional.”

“I appreciate your concern, Livvy,” Josh said. He leaned forward, his face close to hers. “But what are you really doing here?”

This time, Olivia avoided his gaze and her face turned pink. Even her chest turned pink, he thought, now noticing the dress she wore. It was white with red flowers, her chest rising and falling with her breath, her ample cleavage peeking from above the low neckline. Then there was her bright red hair and blue eyes that often looked green, shielded by thick lashes resting on her cheeks when she lowered her gaze. God, she was beautiful.

“Nothing,” she snapped. “I want to help you, that’s all. I care for you, Josh. You’re like a brother to me.”

That was it.

“Enough of this brother crap. That’s a crock of shit and you know it.” He brought his leg down on the floor and got up from the chair, striding toward the casita.

“Then tell me what it really is, Josh,” she said, following after him. “You and I both want this.”

Josh stopped but didn’t turn to face her. “Since when did I become an expert on what we both want, Livvy? How the hell do you know what I want?”

“Since you stopped looking me in the eye,” Olivia replied. “You never used to be like this, so… so angry. We used to be able to talk about anything. Everything.”

“Not everything, Liv.” Josh took a deep breath and exhaled. “But I think we just made things more complicated right now.”

“It got complicated a long time ago, Josh, long before you got shot and I thought I lost you.” Her voice broke and Josh felt a tug in his chest. But he still couldn’t look at her. “One day you were there and then the next day, you weren’t.”

His throat tightened. “I’m still here.”

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

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