(I Think) I’m Ready for Christmas


The tree is up and decorated with ornaments old and new. I’ve even plugged the fireplace nightlight that we forgot to even take out of the box last year. And then there’s finding the box for the angel candle holder that my ex-boyfriend’s mother gave me AFTER we broke up so I can put it back inside (me: I thought she didn’t like me. Ex: She did like you. She just didn’t want me to marry you.). She passed away years ago but I’ve kept it because it’s still a sweet, albeit surprising, gift.

With two days left before Christmas, I think I’m ready. Most of Christmas is for the child who’s got a list of six things and I think I’ve got all but two of them because (1) I have no idea where to find a “submersible Titanic model” (and apparently it has to say Titanic only and the one I got for him that was called Gigantic last year did not count) and (2) I can’t read the handwriting on the second unfulfilled one.

But Santa Tracker is on his old iPad and he found his name in the “nice” list so everything seems to be just perfect for the holiday.

What about you? What are your plans this holiday season?


When your brother has way more design cred than you…


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4 thoughts on “(I Think) I’m Ready for Christmas

  1. I’m ready too. Because of my surgery I wanted to make sure I had nothing to do afterwards: no more purchases or wrapping or decorating. The only thing I have left to do is to make a couple of desserts for the big family Christmas. I’ll do those early Christmas morning and we’ll be good to go! I overspent my budget for my Queen. But she had set it so low—I just had to. If I’ve done it well, I should be able to avoid extra punishment. lol. Here’s hoping! Have a wonderful Christmas Liz. Enjoy the time with your son and family. Try and relax.

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    1. So glad to hear you got everything ready. Hope you don’t overwork yourself this Christmas with all those desserts! Have a wonderful Christmas, Michael and to your family! I’m trying to relax! Really, I am LOL

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  2. I’m ready though it seems different this year. I’ve been hit with yet another illness and am taking it easy. (Stress has beaten me to the ground this year)The tree is up and lit, lol but the closer it gets to Christmas we look at the boxes of decorations and are like…hmmm why not just a tree with lights?

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