Steamy Saturday #steamybites

So it’s steamy Saturday and since I can’t post the full bite from my ultra-steamy DrazenWorld Novella here because it’s pretty racy, you can check it out on Book+Main. Here is a sampling of the bites I’ve posted so far, starting with the most recent.

5 flaming stars is considered NSFW on the bite scale.


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.01.16 PM
A bite from NEED A Drazenworld Novella



Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.11.08 PM
A bite from a bonus story from Loving Ashe



Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.15.59 PM
A bite from Falling for Jordan



Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.11.43 PM
Oy vey. A steamy bite from Date Night featuring Sam and Erik


But before you think that Book+Main is all about steam or it’s Literotica in an app, the site represents all romance genres from clean to historical and the steamy ones and also dark romance. It was created for fans of the romance genre who know what they want and what to expect in a story categorized romance.

It’s free to register and follow your favorite and new-to-you authors and each day you’ll receive bites like the ones I post sample images of from currently published books as well as books that haven’t yet been published, and exclusive Book+Main bites.

Ready to join?


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