One More Day (for the giveaways)

I’ve got one more day left before the two holiday hops I’m participating in end tomorrow. The first one is the Dirty Santa Blog Hop and I’m giving away a straight to Kindle copy of Falling for Jordan and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Dirty Santa for December Blog Hop

Click the cute guy banner above to go to the post and enter.

The second one is the Holly Jolly Chick Lit Hop (on Facebook) where I give away a paperback copy of Loving Ashe AND a Coach side-wristlet. It’s all packed and ready to go in its shipping envelope.

But the giveaways don’t stop there!

There are three $100-Amazon gift cards up for grabs and over 60 participating authors are also giving away goodies like ebooks, an Aussie summer gift pack, and more!


Don’t believe me? Here’s a cute video I made and it’s so cute (and just might put me into the holiday spirit!) that I have to show it off! Oh, and it has music…

Here’s the link to enter the Holly Jolly Chick lit hop on my page and don’t forget to join the private Facebook group for a chance to win one of three grand prizes, a $100 Amazon Gift Card! The group will only be live for the chick lit hop and will be deleted after it’s over.

After this week, I’m officially taking time off for the rest of the holiday as far as giveaways are concerned. We haven’t even decorated the Christmas tree although we finally brought down the ornaments that hubby stored way in the back of the attic. I was almost going to buy new ones this morning but he came through and brought them down last night.

This weekend also marks the start of those holiday parties where I’ll be wishing I wrote under a pen name from the beginning (and that’s probably the one piece of advice I’ll give anyone aspiring to write romance, erotic romance or erotica. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20).

Coming from a very conservative and religious extended family network (where we’re all “related”), I expect there’ll be questions about how much I make and how much weight I’ve gained. And then there’s the possibility of an exorcism from the religious aunt who last year asked me to stop teaching reflexology or acupressure because it’s the work of the devil. It’s enough to give me anxiety attacks just thinking about it.

I better not tell anyone that I write erotica, too…



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