Hotties with Heart (Sonoma County CHANGE Program)

Three years ago, I stumbled upon the Sonoma County CHANGE Program* when they posted about a horse that was severely malnourished and they needed help with funding. CHANGE stands for Coins to Help Abandoned and NeGlected Equines.

I can’t remember if I donated then but I did follow them and I’ve followed them since. I even bought two copies of their fundraising calendar called Hotties with Heart and promptly forgot where I put them to give away as presents until a year later…

I believe this guy is a real farrier.

While I continue to follow their progress with rescued and foster horses, including the immediate evacuation of horses during the Santa Rosa fire two months ago, somehow I forgot to get myself a copy of their Hotties with Heart calendars for 2016 and 2017.

Well, I remembered this year and so I’m getting a few fundraiser Hotties with Heart calendars to give away. All proceeds go to support horses that have been severely neglected. Each calendar is $15 with $6 shipping, and wouldn’t this look great on your wall?

If I knew a thing or two about horses, or how it is to work on a farm, I’m sure that would make a good setting for my next book, right? For now, though, I’ll stick to the calendar…

*The CHANGE Program is a state and federally accredited 501c(3) organization (EIN 26-2135318) that assists local law enforcement with equine humane cases by providing 24/7 emergency transportation, foster and rehabilitative care, and adoption services for horses in custody. CHANGE also provides education to the community and expert witness assistance in legal cases. CHANGE is not a government agency and is supported entirely by private donations.

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