On Cover Changes, Wrong Models, and a Whip…

Yup, it’s a cover change… again! But first, the final trailer with the new cover for Falling for Jordan!

While the guy-and-baby picture was adorable, in the end, it didn’t fit my branding for the series that started with “perfect-bearded-guy,” as readers call him. And with that series established to have guy’s faces for the cover, it was something that I had to change so it would fit with the rest of the covers of the series that have already been set up last summer complete with their titles.

And so here is the new cover for Falling for Jordan, who happens to be the same guy that I saw as Jordan inside my head while I wrote the story. It’s also why he’s in the video but because this was a stock photo and someone else used it for her romance novel this past summer, I was reluctant to use it. Still, sometimes I really should just follow my gut instinct when it comes to my book covers… and stop buying exclusive images! In the end, it’s the story between the covers that matter.

So now I’m off to write. I’m not even going to shop the Black Friday sales tomorrow. I know I won’t because after I bought my last exclusive model photo last week, my bank account said so. And as if that isn’t bad enough, when I sent the exclusive image I’d bought to my cover designer, his reply to me started with, “erm, that picture is all wrong…” and now my PA made me promise that I will no longer buy any more exclusive model images or she’ll get her whip out.

Who knew my PA knows me so well?

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