Falling For Jordan – First Three Chapters


“No more teasing, big boy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says, a devilish grin brightening his handsome face. Copper hair, green-hazel eyes with a body made for sin, he’s the epitome of the perfect man I never knew I’ve been dreaming of all my life. A man whose touch and attention easily makes me forget who I am, the doctor who works more hours a week than is good for her (especially her social life), and at thirty-three, is speeding way past her expiration date.

Is she still beautiful? Is she still sexy? Have her boobs started sagging?

But even if those boobs may already be heading south, no one has ever made me feel as beautiful and as sexy as he does right now, with a look, a smile, a touch. And for tonight, he’s all I want. Right here, right now.

No names.

No numbers.

No one’s calling anyone in the morning or next week… or next month.

Just tonight and we go our separate ways when it’s over.

I watch him roll the condom over his dick. Can I say it’s a glorious dick? It can win awards if they ever had awards for it somewhere, and if they don’t, I’ll have to make up my own. With the sun’s rays slipping between the vertical blinds of his tenth-story apartment, it’s our third time and heaven knows I need sleep. I’m on call in a few hours.

But I want more.

Just one more.

“Turn over on your belly. I want you on your hands and knees, Addy,” he murmurs in my ear and I do as he says, feeling his hands grip my hip bones as he pulls me toward him. I gasp when his glorious cock slides inside me and gripping the sheets, I muffle my cries against the pillows. I love the feel of his fingers digging into my hips. I can’t get enough of the sounds we make, so primal, so beautiful. So perfect.

I need this. I want this.

And no one needs to know.

Tomorrow, I go back to my life and its regularly-scheduled programming—following up on patients, reading their charts, checking their electrolyte numbers… and being a good girl.

Until I’m not.

But just for tonight.


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