For Your Ears Only

Last June, I decided to have Everything She Ever Wanted available as an audiobook, and in the midst of getting that set up, I met narrator Tracy Marks and suddenly, Loving Ashe was getting an audiobook version, too. It definitely wasn’t on my publishing schedule for the year but that’s life for you. So if you’re wondering why I’ve been so distracted this summer, here’s one of the reasons why.

And it’s all so worth it!

So while I’m waiting for all the final stuff to arrive, here’s a sample for you to check out! And if you’d like to review the audiobook (because I will be needing reviews on Audible), let me know and I’ll be sure to send you a code to download Ashe and Riley’s story.

You can also listen to it on Soundcloud:

7 thoughts on “For Your Ears Only

      1. LOL you’re so right! I met Cris Dukehart last May and she told me she walked into a convenience store popular with truckers while on a road trip and one of them recognized her from her bio photo. This big burly guy was a fan of her work narrating werewolf shifter romances. He told her that a lot of truckers listen to audiobooks and that’s why you see a lot of CD audiobooks for sale in shops along busy routes.

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      2. You should! I’m still waiting for Loving Ashe to be approved and for ESEW to be finished but I’m in no rush for that second one LOL I need to recover from Loving Ashe price tag first!

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