When Distractions Are Worth It

We live in a world connected through apps.

With hurricane coverage on Periscope to pictures via Viber from my brothers and my mom who are touring Europe, and then checking on my cousins living in the path of Hurricane Irma on Zello, it’s difficult to focus on finishing my novel in time for its rescheduled release. But even with a looming deadline, I look anyway even if it’s someone I don’t know personally. Jeff is a storm chaser, and while I sometimes wonder why he’s out there when he could be inside, I’ve learned so much about hurricanes from his updates more than I have in school.

I currently have my phone in front of me between my laptop and my keyboard, and my two monitors show the book I’m working on and Facebook. Sometimes one screen dings to let me know my brother has uploaded another photo of their tour of Rome while my aunts discuss what my mother is wearing in the pictures (must be tailored from the Phillippines where labor is really cheap, they discuss among themselves because Mom is pretty quiet) until my mother finally chimes in to correct them by saying her blouses are by Michael Kors. After all, she planned this three week tour with enough clothes so she won’t wear anything twice (for the photos).

She’d asked me to come along with them but with the kid entering second grade and a required weekly class I need to take to qualify for services for my son, there was no way I could manage it. Sure, I could, as long as I dropped everything and hubby has to take three weeks off. Not gonna happen, so pictures will have to do.

And then my Zello app squawks as my cousin who lives in Tampa, Florida, says she and her husband have to get on the road to check on her mother-in-law. Cousins as far as the Philippines check in to make sure everything is alright with them. Has the eye of the huricane passed? What about the storm surge? Do they have a second floor? You’d think we who live far away can actually do anything to help, but still…

Two weeks ago, though I didn’t have Zello then, I was connected via Facebook and text messages to check on my brothers who live in Houston. While my older brother got out of the city on Saturday to fly out of Denver to meet my mother in New York (the roads got flooded on Sunday), my younger brother and his wife stayed to keep an eye on the house. The storm surge, thankfully, didn’t get into the house although it was close.

Is it any wonder I can’t complete the 2K word goal I’ve set for myself? But if it means I remain connected to the ones I love, it’s all worth it. It even gave me inspiration for the next book featuring two beloved characters.


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