Strange Days

With everything going on in the world, sometimes I wonder what’s the point in writing happily-ever-afters. As a romance author, that’s not good. True, my summer was frustrating as hell, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m struggling with my current novel because, well, I just can’t find the love anymore.

Some days, I’ve asked myself, “what’s the point?”

Until I saw this and knew exactly where I’ve been.

Apparently I’ve been splitting homes between the Waves of Depression and the Mountain Range of Impotent Range with visits to Crippling Insecurity-ville. Not to mention, frequent stops at I-Spend-Too-Much-Time-Online Falls. No wonder my romance mojo was running on empty.

But I’m going to be optimistic. I’m going to hang out at the Glade of Hopeful Aspirations and shoot for the goal of finishing that novel even if I’m starting over from scratch. I’m even sketching postcards when I should be writing (that’s because I kinda plot as I sketch) – and watching Game of Thrones and wondering <<<SPOILER ALERT!!!>>>> if Tormund got out of harm’s way in time to make beautiful babies with Brienne.


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Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

22 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. You write great romance dear, but truthfully, you could write anything. You are that good. And i don’t think it really matters if Tormund makes it out alive from that fall. Brienne would just as likely cut him in half with her sword than make babies with him. I think she has a thing for little guys. Of course they are all prettly little compared to her.

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    1. Thank you, Robert! Everyone is pretty little compared to Brienne, aren’t they although I think she cares for Jamie and probably wants him to find his honor again, like she caught a glimpse of it in that hot tub when he told her what really happened. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s meant to have a happy ending but then that’s how these tragic villains end up anyway.

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  2. Game of Thrones spoiler alert!! Some of us binge watch whole seasons!! lol. You need to improve and practice your canoeing skills so that you can navigate the River of Pleasures in Small Things– or whatever it’s called. lol.
    I have faith that you can do it!

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      1. LOL That’s good. I feel so much better now. Next time I’ll have coffee before I write anything about Game of Thrones 😁 But I have to say, this season was just… just amazing. I’ll be sad when it ends.

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      2. Btw, we all need to hope and happily ever afters are all anyone wishes for themselves and their families. Romance writers are important. Keep that in mind when you feel discouraged!! You are important!!

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      3. You’re so right, Michael. I need that happily-ever-afters just as much as readers do. It probably means I have to stop looking at my FB feed and seeing all the depressing news interspersed between cat videos.

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      4. Just remember your toil results in others feeling good so at the end of the day, your writing makes the world a little bit better!


    1. So true about the heat and humidity. It’s hitting us right now here in L.A. and I’ve got a deadline I’m going to miss LOL

      I need to read the books. I have all the audiobooks for Game of Thrones but hate not being able to go back to read certain passages.

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      1. I’ve read all the books but I don’t own them. He’s gone so far afield with the tv series there may not be much point to the books now. I’m starting to think I need to be more brutal as a writer.

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      2. True. That’s what happens when words on a page meet a script and blocking and studio budgetary projections. Things have to change but it will be interesting to see how he ends the books. I’m sure as one of the producers of the series, the changes there will be reflected in the book. It also probably means we won’t get the book until the series finale LOL

        Did you see the link I sent you on FB for the holiday box set?

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      3. Sometime in October and they’re looking for Christmas romance short stories up to 10K words. Not too bad. I have deadlines all over the place so I can’t do it.

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  3. I hope you can get past this feeling and go back to writing with joy!
    Sometimes people tell me that when feeling like this, it is good to read a good book that makes you remember what you love about writing/stories, so maybe you could do this?
    And can we all please stay at Glade of Hopeful Aspirations forever? It seems like such a nice place to hang around.

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    1. Thank you! I hope I snap out of this, too. I’ve noticed that I’m getting more depressed with the news and it is killing any hope I have for happy endings. I need to snap out of that because I need those happy endings as much as my readers do 🙂

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