Musings Over Coffee: That Loving Feeling

So according to this page, I’ve got 44 days before Falling for Jordan launches, 41 days before I need to upload the final file to the retailers. Yup, I had to make a countdown page for myself because after I’d written 23K words, you’d think I’d keep going but NO… I had to start over and whip my heroine into “shape.”

  1. Remove her blah-blah-blah thoughts. Let her go right into the action.
  2. Remove her parents – hell, make her have a miserable childhood, unlike the original version where she had a beautiful one for a change (none of my heroines have nice childhoods by the way. Readers have asked if I hate my heroines so much…). Check.
  3. Remove her mother’s college education background and make her a mysterious bar maid and kill the dad off early on. No, he’ll leave her because that’s what men do in a novel and make the woman suffer suffer suffer. Check.
  4. Remove any happy thoughts the heroine may have had over being pregnant. Check and double check.
  5. Oh, and make her triple horny. So horny it’s all she thinks about even though she’s got a 10-week old baby. Check.

Now on to the hero. 

  1. Remove his happy parents. Check.
  2. Remove his happy friend. Check
  3. Remove his happy demeanor because, you know, a hero can’t come out of the gate likeable, right? There’s got to be something wrong with him. And her. And everyone in the book. Check and triple check.


I now have 8K brand new words of characters I absolutely detest and don’t recognize. It’s like I sent them to the cosmetic surgeon so they’d fit into whatever is sitting on the top 10 of any Amazon sub category and had them altered to fit what readers were buying even if it’s not what I write. This morning, I hated the idea of waking up so I could finish the beautiful story I’d butchered. No wonder the characters now refuse to talk to me or if they did, this is what they’re telling me:

So this morning, I woke up thinking, screw the rewrite. Screw writing to what fits the market. There was nothing wrong with the first draft that I wrote that was filled with happy characters who hooked up one night and end up with a baby. My characters were likeable and just the way they were meant to be. There’s nothing wrong with being happy. Nothing wrong with having a happy childhood for a change. Nothing wrong with letting the characters tell their story, sex or no sex.

Nothing wrong with writing the way I’ve always written–by the seat of my pants and letting the characters tell me their story–something I’ve acutely forgotten in the last few months…

Anyway, how’s your Friday shaping up?

Oh, and before I forget, don’t forget to enter the preorder giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Musings Over Coffee: That Loving Feeling

  1. Honestly, sometimes happiness is a nice escape. Glad you went back to the original story, but happy people can be horny too!! Even when pregnant! Just saying–and all people make troublesome decisions that can add angst and turmoil to a story… just saying!!

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    1. So true! It’s my first happy story ever since most of my stories start with so much angst you need to see some happiness towards the end. This was different where they’re both happy (and horny) and marketing me said, “no no no. Make them miserable like you always do” LOL

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