More Than A New Look

A few days ago, I updated the cover for Collateral Attraction. I dropped the series name because honestly, I don’t know if it will get a second book and when it does get a second book, I’ll release it without much fanfare… or with a lot fanfare, you never know. At least, that’s less pressure for me not to have a series name on it.

But a new cover for a book won’t help sell a book if other elements in your “landing page” sucks. A landing page is basically where your reader “lands” when they click on your link. It can be a web page like this or if your book is in Kindle Unlimited, then it’s the Amazon product page.

Of all my books, I really had the worst time crafting the right description for Heath and Billie’s story.  It doesn’t help that descriptions or blurbs are harder to write than the actual story. How do you condense your 80K word story into 200 words or less?

So what’s Collateral Attraction about?

It’s about identical twins who don’t get along, billionaire brothers who don’t get along and someone out to get them while they’re too busy not getting along. So yes, complicated. But then, if they got along, I wouldn’t have a story…

So tonight I set out to redo the description to go with the cover, and I hope this time, it makes sense.

Collateral Attraction

First impressions count. Too bad Heath’s first impression of me is wrong. So wrong.

When I first meet ruthless billionaire Heath Kheiron, he mistakes me for my twin sister, Blythe, who’s dating his older brother, Ethan.

I may have been too shocked to slap him when he calls her a gold digger, but when he calls her a thief and a fraud, I know he’s crossed the line and no matter what he thinks she did, I’m determined to prove him wrong.

But Heath isn’t my only concern.

Someone is setting my sister up to the tune of four million dollars in embezzled funds, and I need to find her before anyone else does.

There’s only one snag: I have to work with Heath to get to her.

“A mistaken identity story that straddles romance and chick lit.” – RT Book Reviews

So, what do you think?

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

7 thoughts on “More Than A New Look

  1. That new cover is amazing Liz. It would be more amazing with a hot girl on it instead, but sure, this could work. lol. Seriously though I love that pic. I do have one question though. There are only 4 words on that cover. That guy on it seems to be pondering something. Why not throw what ever question he is pondering over his right shoulder? In third person of course. Or not. What do I know? lol.

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    1. LOL I’ve had three hot girls in the previous covers and none of them worked. Then I had a man without a shirt on and that didn’t work either. So this is the fifth try but then I’m changing up the description so if it does work, then maybe it was the description that was the problem after all 😅

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      1. Lol. I get it. I love all your covers, but sometimes I think they should be a bit “busier”. But I am not really what I mean by that.

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      2. LOL They are definitely busier and more risque in my head! But I do get what you meant about some wording over his shoulder. Just haven’t decided which line to use yet 🙂


    1. Thanks, Michael! Only time will tell. But then I’ve also started advertising this one so if it still doesn’t work then that will tell me that it’s the story that’s the problem.

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