Summer Writing Update

Today I wrote over 3K words although they weren’t for my upcoming preorder. Bad, bad writer me. But at least, I finally figured out how to kill the mood for any sexy time between characters. Put a 10-week-old baby in there and there is no sex happening whatsoever. I can’t wrack my brain on how to make it work, and so instead of blaming myself for being clueless in that department (Sorry, I beg amnesia for myself – when my son was 10-weeks-old, I was too exhausted to think of sexy times or writing, for that matter.)

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll return to the baby one and start writing again. I had to ask someone what can go wrong inside an apartment since my hero is a contractor – like, what would need fixing. I should know but at the moment, I’m drawing a blank. But then, I can blame this for that temporary bout of amnesia again:

Today while writing all those sexy times for my other story, I had to constantly replace my writing screen with something else every time my little one walked by or was curious about what I was writing, especially when there were a lot of NSFW terms there. So I gave up writing after awhile and decided to make a video instead.

I made one for Loving Ashe a few days ago but a few things bugged me about it so I decided to make a new one. It’s so difficult to find the right footage before you get cross-eyed but I think I did a decent job with what I got.


7 thoughts on “Summer Writing Update

  1. Ohh!! I loved the trailer! Liz, you’re such an inspiration for me. I hope one day I can get past the self-doubt and be successful like you =) Congrats on all the writing you did! Right now, breaking over 1K words in one day is good for me.

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    1. Thank you! You can definitely get past the self-doubt. I get it a lot, too, especially when I’m on FB too long and just about every author seems to release a book every month and hit a bestseller list and here I am kinda doing my own thing. Some days I hit 3K words and others, I barely write 200 words. I’ve learned to be kind to myself and know that some days I may not write but that doesn’t mean I’m thinking of my characters and what’s next. It usually leads to days when I just write and write because it’s all been processed (up to a point) inside my head before I even sat in front of my laptop 🙂


      1. LOL I can’t believe I drew a blank there with the household disasters but that’s certainly telling, isn’t it? The best I came up with was a loose cupboard hinge.

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