Looking for Book Recommendations

This morning, I found out that the subscription service Scribd only rolls over a maximum of 9 unused ebook and 3 audiobook credits. Anything over that, too bad. I’ve been with them for close to 2 years now and have probably only read 2 books and started to listen to 1 audiobook.

So before I lose more credits for the month, I need suggestions. What books would you recommend for me to check out that’s not on Kindle Unlimited which is exclusive to Amazon.

Right now, I’m listening to John Sandford’s latest thriller, Golden Prey. I’ve been a fan of Sandford’s Prey series since I read the first book ages ago and even named my son after the series’ main character and not after a doomed character from BBC’s MI-5/Spooks series.

I’m supposed to be writing but I needed a break from my latest story. Besides, I can’t believe it’s been forever since I last “met” Lucas Davenport and it’s nice to hang out with him again.

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30 thoughts on “Looking for Book Recommendations

      1. Awesome! My faves have always been John Sandford, Patricia Cornwall, Karin Slaughter but it’s always good to find new ones to binge on.

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      2. Tess Gerritsen, Greg Iles, Jeffery Deaver, Marc Cameron, Vince Flynn, Harlan Coben, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Wilbur Smith, C. J. Box, Lee Child, Kathy Reichs, Michael Connelly, James Clavell, Herman Wouk, Leon Uris, Stig Larssen
        These are some of my favourite authors–in no particular order. I like the three you mentioned too. Hopefully there is at least one person on this list you haven’t heard of. Though honestly I doubt it! Happy Reading!!


      3. Thank you, Michael! Wow! We like the same authors! There’s only one person I haven’t read from your list – Herman Wouk. I do love Jeffery Deaver and I grew up on James Clavell.

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    1. Also what about Stephenie Meyer? Peggy Blair’s books might not be classic thrillers–perhaps more like detective yarns. But I really enjoy them.

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      1. Isn’t Stephenie Meyer the author of Twilight? I haven’t read her newer books but they’d be worth a look. I’ll check out Peggy Blair 😊

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      2. I hadn’t realized. I’m just starting a book of hers called “The Chemist”. It seems to have promise. She also wrote something called “The Host”. It received accolades and was made into a movie.

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  1. I was going to suggest “The Catastrophist” by Ronan Bennett which is a wonderfully written, involving, offbeat tale–NOT, I repeat NOT a romance, though it is described as “a brilliant, highly acclaimed novel of love, passion, violence, and desire, set in the Belgian Congo in 1959.” However I see it’s available on Kindle Unlimited. Isn’t everything?

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  2. I think you’d like King, a duet by TM Fraizier. I liked it because the heroine stumbled onto a motorcycle club with no memory of who she is or where she came from. He’s an ex-con with a secret. Both their secrets collide when he needs something from her father but have to give her back to him. There are betrayal and suspense. It might spur you on to skip Tyrant and go straight to Preppie.

    The company series by JA HUSS. That’s thriller/suspense

    Twist Me Series by Anna Zaires


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