A (Slightly) New Look!

I finally got around to rebranding Everything She Ever Wanted to fit my current author brand. Other than my Loving Ashe/Loving Riley books which have a specific design to them for now, I wanted the rest of my books to use the same fonts for the title and author name and Everything She Ever Wanted was lagging (well, so is Collateral Attraction but that’s a post for another day).

So finally I had it done and I love the new look. Except for making him less red like he was in the original, the photo hasn’t changed – it’s still Dax on the cover (via cover model Franggy Yanez) but what a difference a change in font and color can do! And the text layout.

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I didn’t do the rebranding; James at Goonwrite.com did just like he’s done for most of my covers. If you’re an author and are in need of good covers, James is your guy.

Oh, and here’s a new teaser I created for the book. I love my Ripl app and I really need to use it more often!

3 thoughts on “A (Slightly) New Look!

    1. Yup! Packaging is everything! And the adage about judging a book by its cover is so true even if people say it’s not, especially in a very competitive marketplace. Dax (this book) is my biggest seller hands down over all my other books combined that have been released before and even after him. I think it boils down to the cover first, and then the story. But first, people have to see the cover and something has to make them go, “hmm… I wonder what this book is about.”

      I still haven’t finished your book on chapter buzz but I’m liking it so far!


    2. Oh, and I wouldn’t worry about the cover until the book is really really done, like edited and ready to go. Study the other covers in your genre first and see how your choice of cover fits. There is also a trope in covers depending on the genre and from trial and error, I’ve seen that readers of that genre have expectations (it’s why you see so many women facing away from the camera in women’s fiction and naked male torsos in contemporary romance, cartoony women in chick lit). I went through 4 different covers for Dax and even had a cover reveal blog tour with what I thought was the final cover which was of a woman. Then I surveyed authors to ask them what sold the most among their contemporary romance books and hands down, they said naked male torsos. I split the difference with a fully dressed man but focused on his face because he was my character. But up until then, I’d spent a lot of money on those 4 previous cover versions before I spent even more money for the final version that ended up on publication day (this guy).

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