So You Want To Be A Writer

This is one of my favorite poems by Charles Bukowski and I don’t even care how he may have been in real life but it speaks to me.

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about poetry. Some may not care for it, but some of us will take from it whatever we can.

Read by Tom O’Bedlam with some NSFW images… and typewriters

Edited to add: Naked women and typewriters… Who knew they worked so well together?

9 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A Writer

    1. It’s like my ‘fight song’ whenever I want to stick to the stuff I want to write instead of writing what I think readers want. Like a validation that yes, he gets it even if maybe he did pander a bit to the readers later on but I don’t think he cared at that point. I tell myself we only live once and time is flying by. Best to do the things we want to do as long as we’re not breaking any laws while doing it.

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      1. Now I just have to unshackle myself from the, ‘OMG what are they gonna think if they see me write that stuff I’ve always wanted to write???’

        Just reread Reiss’ second set of books for Submission and if the first one was wild, the second one is wilder – with a whole ton more sex lol but given the things that happens, I realized that it made sense. Oh, and her Forbidden one is even even wilder but I’m waiting to fully dive in.

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      2. It’s hard to write what you want. A part of us believes that people who know us will read it and suddenly all those questions will be answered. I’ve found, some read, some don’t, none of them put two and two together.

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      3. I’m probably going to end up publishing the darker stuff with the same name because it’s so tough to start over. I will just have a range of work. Or maybe just do initials and same last name to differentiate.

        I think when it comes to how people we know will see us, it’s something we can’t control. And it’s tiring to worry about that because in the end, they only think of themselves and whatever box they want to see us fit into #roundpegs

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